Beautiful art

How beautiful art is born.

Some times you love your own creations and some time you feel disappointed.  One week ago I had magical inspiration and   painted a piece  which I feel is so gentle and special.  I know that  pastel colour oil paintings  are very popular, but I find it really hard to me paint with calm colours. I feel like it is not enough of something))))  But Later I can see it is just right!

Best art pictures

Feel different about best art pictures

It is not a secret that "the best" is unique for everyone. And it is great, it is make us more interesting.

My favorite style of panting probably is the impressionism. My "the best art picture" is The Path by Erin Hanson.

In the same time I love magic realism where again my "the best art" is Temple of the Flying Crane by Paul Bond.

My best pictures

Could I just hope one day somebody will say that my picture is one of the best for her or him. :)


Canvas art

First oil painting on canvas was Madonna with angels from around 1410. It is hard to image now that before canvas fabric artists have been using wood. 

 Today when people looking for an art canvas they mean oil painting  without a frame. You will agreed that modern interior looks always great with right canvas painting.



Contemporary art

I like how it sounds when you pronounce "contemporary art". There is more in this sound. 

Thanks to the Internet today modern artists like me have got more chances then ever to be seen.  Or even become recognizable.  And thanks people like you, who interesting in contemporary painting. You move the art futher!

Nowadays everyone put a different meaning in the "modern artist". For me modern artist who is still actual.  

Like Gerhard Richter who draw his famous Anne Doran in 1977. He worked on the edge of abstraction and realistic. And this work forsure is the modern art. However I am more positive person. That is why my best famous modern artists is different. 

And I work hard to be aside with the best contemporary artists and get my modern abstract art paintings loved by you. :)

Famous artists

The Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”  was sold for $450.3 million in November 2017.

Looks like that what determines the level of famous. :)
And the list of famous artists is pretty similar from a source to a source. You probably know all this legendary classic artists. 

I like Auguste Renoir in some of these lists. His works has got so many live in it. 
Like mine. :) I try to put all my passion and joy of life in my art. 


What is artwork for you? 

Artwork - piece of art or art object is an aesthetic physical item or artistic creation.

I met many people who think about having a work of art as social status.    
For me and for most people love artwork it is like a mirror which reflex your soul. 

See my art work images in interiors


NZ ART SHOW 2017 Wellington

My first ART Show.

Flagstaff Gallery

Flagstaff Gallery is representing some of my paintings. 

I am really happy to come on board of my first gallery.